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Daniel Johansen

Myofunctional Therapist

Daniel graduated from Timpview High School in Provo, Utah, and now lives with his family in Cedar Hills, Utah. He received an associate’s degree from Utah Valley University and graduated with a degree in psychology from The University of Iowa.

Before moving to Iowa, he worked as a Family Support Provider, working with children and teens with various behavioral, physical, and mental disorders. In Iowa, he worked for several years for the Iowa City Community School District in the behavior disorder classroom. He has spent the past 7 years as a circus ringleader (full-time stay-at-home dad for 3 amazing children) and has loved it.

He has recently become a Certified Myofunctional Therapist and is very excited to apply what he has learned to help children and adults breathe, sleep, and live better.

Patient Testimonials

Rachel Loeffler

Dr. Johansen is such a personable and caring doctor. Every time I interact with her, I feel that she genuinely has my best interest at heart. I highly recommend her.

Daniel Johansen

Dr. Brittany is truly amazing. She is always thinking of ways to help her patients and is constantly striving to improve her skills and learn new things. I and my 3 children are undergoing treatment for our airways, and I have noticed improvements in my sleep and breathing, and have also seen amazing improvements in the growth of my children's mouths, as well as their sleep!

Chelsea Messick Chen

We love Alpine Airway Wellness! Doctor Johansen is an expert in her field and has improved my 3 kids' overbites, teeth alignment, and correct breathing positions! Treating them young and avoiding braces is the way to go! I wish I had this opportunity as a kid. Her office creates a fun atmosphere that all my kids love!

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